What are the sales tools that a good salesperson prepares?

 1. Company Profile

A good salesperson begins by explaining the company that created the product or service he or she is proposing.

This is not a "company profile" but a "company information".

The content is not the date of establishment or the number of employees of the company https://slimtime.co.jp/ created the product or service.

Who created the product or service and from what point of view?

What does the current president want to do for society?

What kind of twists and turns did the company go through to get to where it is today?

What twists and turns led up to now?

It is said that what customers are looking for nowadays is "empathy", as their needs are diversifying, the level of demand is increasing, and the speed of demand is becoming faster.

Salespeople who are able to do this will create their own "company brochure" that will gain empathy from customers, and present it to customers to tell their "corporate story.

2. Approach book

In many cases, excellent salespeople create their own "approach book".

An approach book is a file book in which you visualize the materials you want to present to the customer using many photos and pictures.

The approach book consists of

Company profile

Salesperson's self-introduction and PR

Overview of products and services

Image of the product/service in use

Flow of introducing products and services

Estimate of the cost of introducing the product or service

Information that may be useful to the customer

One of the features of an approach book is that it can clarify areas that are difficult to explain in words by using pictures and diagrams instead of words.

Since it directly appeals to the customer's visual sense, it is easier to recall the problems and issues that the customer faces on a daily basis.

In addition, by creating an approach book, you can

Knowledge about products and services

Sales techniques

Topics that would attract customers

The salesperson himself/herself may be aware of the following

Some salespeople carry their company brochures and approach books in paper form, but the best salespeople are gradually shifting to digital form.

By carrying digital data, you can reduce the amount of luggage you need, but you can also send the data you used in the business meeting as an e-mail attachment at the end of the meeting.

3. Thank you letter

Every salesperson sends a "thank you letter".

Even though company brochures and approach books have been digitized, thank you letters are still handwritten in many cases.

This is because handwritten letters tend to show the "personality" of the salesperson, and the warmth of the person is easily remembered by the customer.

It may be difficult to send a handwritten thank you letter to every customer, so it is best to use both digital and analog letters.

Also, a good salesperson always carries a thank you letter with him or her so that it can be written and sent immediately after the sale.

Please make use of these sales tools to increase your sales.

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